ChaiByEngineers' franchise models are designed to offer a rewarding and profitable venture for entrepreneurs passionate about the cafe industry, providing a unique blend of quality products, cozy ambiance, and excellent customer service across its diverse outlets.


Takeaway Outlet

This outlet is designed for customers on the go. It features a streamlined and efficient layout, emphasizing quick service and convenience. Takeaway outlets are strategically located in high-traffic areas to capture footfall from busy professionals, students, and passersby.

Dine-In Café

The Dine-In café provides a cozy and inviting atmosphere, encouraging customers to relax and enjoy their favorite beverages and snacks in a comfortable setting. With stylish décor and comfortable seating, the Dine-In café aims to become a go-to spot for socializing, meetings, or solo relaxation.


ChaiByEngineers' mobile cart model brings our exceptional cafe experience to the streets. Compact and efficient, it offers our signature tea blends and snacks with the same quality and charm. Designed for entrepreneurs on the move, this model is not just a business venture; it's a portable celebration of CBE warmth and flavor, wherever you are.

Franchise Support and Training

ChaiByEngineers is committed to the success of its franchisees and provides comprehensive support and training programs